The Cool Kids
Miami U
Vaccar Aeration
Bringing Walls to Life
Branding for High Schoolers
Giving A School Personality
Library Branding Wall
Fearless Promo Video
Fearless Lobby Branding
Branding, way finding and culture building for Fearless church - brought this brand to life!
Environmental - large wall wrap
Restrooms: Beards and Queens
The goal was to create an unexpected experience for these church restrooms.
Fearless Hallways - Large Scale Vinyl
Pre K and Kindergarten Wing
An extensive remodel of Dayton Christian's PreK and Kindergarten wing. I chose fixtures and finishes for the hallways and 9 classrooms, simplifying the space and adding interest with awnings, way finding, graphic installations, a dimensional moss wall and slat wall.
Environmental Branding
This space came to life through color blocking and large scale graphics bringing inspiration and pride to an awesome private school. My passion is bringing spaces to life in a way that makes you stand up a little straighter, puff your chest out and elevates perception.
Locker Room
I added Warrior Spirit to the Dayton Christian Locker Rooms, training room and lobby through the strategic use of paint and vinyl graphics. I also chose the flooring and fixtures for the space.
Warrior Center Hall of Fame
This display is a dynamic display - each year as inductees are nominated the background image will be replaced with inductee plaques. A great solution to maintain impact and school spirit in the first year of this program. Dimensional Acrylic lettering and a CNC PVC Shield round out the branding.
Branded Print Materials
Print / Viewbook
Donor Printed Viewbook
Brand Standards
Takeover Graphics
LensCrafters Office Branding
I assisted in the project management on the LensCrafters workspace redesign - gathering artwork for the agency and collaborating on design elements.
Campaign Work
Brand Book launching a new LensCrafters campaign to associates.
Customer Facing
A sampling of customer facing retail materials for LensCrafters
Style Book
An associate facing book on dress code - concept was to communicate the corporate dress code in a fashion forward layout.
LensCrafters Heritage Book
Concept: Create a historical keepsake book for LensCrafters associates.
Organized Living
A variety of B2B and B2C marketing materials including catalog, photoshoot management and propping, PR materials, product brochures product packaging and line art.
Various Tradeshow and convention banners and environmental graphics
Brochures and Collateral
Corporate Charity Events and collateral.
Corporate newsletters and Scientific journals
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