Environmental Graphic Design is how your brand communicates who you are and connects emotionally with people who feel the same. It overlaps a number of disciplines including graphic design, interior design and architecture to take the personality of your brand off the printed page or brand standards document and allows people to interact with it through furnishings, paint colors, printed large scale wall vinyl graphics and 3D textures like slat walls, moss wall installations, dimensional lettering and logos. You have heard the saying – “If Walls could talk!” They actually can talk with the right environmental designer.
Successful Environmental Graphic Design projects start with 4 main elements:
• WAYFINDING – How do I get from one place to another? Do I feel safe and clear in the space or am I confused and frustrated?
• LOGO BRANDING – Branding at its most straight forward, simplest and most impactful.
FEATURE WALLS - that tattoo what’s most important and inspire emotion. These most often featureCore Values or a Mission Statement, but can also be more subtle and nuanced. This ‘show don’t tell’ approach is often the most effective for example -  a creative agency offering a chalkboard wall surface for staff to draw on says a lot more about your brand personality then a Andy Warhol Quote about creativity.
• SOCIAL MEDIA MOMENTS – your investment continues to pay for itself over time. As people interact with your branded environment they naturally position themselves in front of the mural/ logo installation and  social media impressions occur organically. The best part is that they share these images for free with like minded people who are more likely to respond to the impression – free qualified impressions, who doesn’t want more of that?